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Welcome to Scratch Build Yagi

WA3FET invented the OWA “Optimized Wideband Yagi”. And now he has perfected his designs into the POWY “Pattern Optimized Wideband Yagi.” Our Yagis are expertly engineered for clean pattern and no-compromise, balanced, optimal performance (Gain, F/B, and SWR bandwidth) for DXing, Contesting and EmComm. You will find WA3FET Yagis deployed at top DX and Contest stations worldwide.

  • POWY Yagis are available in both Multiband and Monoband configurations.
  • Discounts are available for bulk orders of seven (7) or more yagis at the same time.
  • Real Yagis ship via truck!

Designing a Yagi to ship via UPS or FedEx (every piece less than 6 feet long) is a mechanical folly! Our philosophy is to provide our clients with mechanically superior antennas by minimizing points of structural failure. Boom sections up to 24ft long, and element sections 12 to 20ft long are used to minimize points of failure.

Delivery is FOB Harrison Maine at additional cost based upon the delivery address, antenna size, and shipping materials. Shipping allowances must be pre-paid prior to shipping with any overage due COD.

Three Great Ways to Buy!

“Scratch Build Yagi” packages include all needed raw uncut and undrilled aluminum in 12/24ft lengths, pre-drilled G10-FR4 boom to element plates, pre-drilled truss plates, detailed Scratch Build Yagi instructions, and a shopping list for miscellaneous hardware that you purchase at your own cost. Add your elbow grease for cutting ~ drilling ~ assembly and you will be rewarded with the FUN and PRIDE of scratch-building your POWY Yagis.

“Pre-Fabricated Upgrade” includes all boom and element sections precision precut-deburred-predrilled, all miscellaneous hardware except saddle clamps which you purchase on your own, and packaging organized so your Yagi is ready for assembly right out of the box.

“Full Build Yagi Upgrade”, which reduces your field assembly time by about 80%, is available on bulk orders of seven (7) or more yagis at the same time. With this option we will pre-assemble the elements inside our antenna laboratory into the longest, logical sections capable of being shipped in 24ft crates.

POWY = Pattern Optimized Wideband Yagi

6 Meter MonoBand Yagis

  • 6m9POWY-36: Scratch build yagi $1536
  • 6m13POWY-65: The World’s highest performance 6m Yagi. Scratch build yagi $4290

10 meter Monoband Yagis

12 meter Monoband Yagis

15 meter Monoband Yagis

17 meter Monoband Yagis

20 meter Monoband Yagis

DX Glider (10m, 15m, 20m) POWY-48 Tribander

The Tri-band DX Glider for 10m, 15m, and 20m is is a “POWY” expertly engineered for clean pattern and optimal performance (Gain, F/B, and SWR bandwidth) on multiple bands. This POWY has 6 elements with 24ft boom-length on 10m,

6 elements with 36ft boom-length on 15 meters, and 6 elements with 48ft boom-length on 20 meters. Each band has its own feed line allowing simplified multiplexing for SO2R. With the DX Glider you are on the cutting edge of un-compromised multi-band performance!

Pattern Optimized Wideband Log “POWL”

  • POWL 13Mhz-30Mhz 18 element Log
  • 18 Elements…48 foot long boom…Amazing!

Imagine a mechanically ultra-strong 18 element 48 foot boom Log Periodic with no moving parts. Imagine that same antenna pattern-optimized by WA3FET boasting monobander-like performance across several octaves of bandwidth including 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, and 20m. Scratch Build Yagi $5733

  • VSWR between 1.025:1 and 1.38:1 from 13mhz to 30mhz
  • Forward gain between 12.5dBi to 13.6dBi from 13mhz to 30mhz

Our Multi-band Pattern Optimized Wideband LOG “POWL” has been expertly engineered for clean pattern and optimal performance (Gain, F/B, and SWR bandwidth) over several octaves of bandwidth. With the POWL you are on the cutting edge of no-compromise multi-band performance!

40 meter Monoband Yagis

40m4POWY-48 is our signature OWA Yagi. It is the one that propels many top contesting stations to winning 40 meter scores! WA3FET has expertly finessed this Yagi to have maximum performance in both the CW and SSB passbands. The clean pattern is optimized for DX contesting. Scratch build $7754