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AIS WatchMate 850 Transponder


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AIS WatchMate 850 Transponder

  • Protective cover
  • Installation guide
  • Mounting bracket with thumbscrews
  • Flush mounting template
  • 2m (6.5′) Power/data cable
  • 1m (3′) USB cable
  • Flush mounting seal and screws
Size* 208mm wide x 135mm high x 76mm depth (8 3/16” x 5 5/16” x 3”)
LCD panel 125mm (5″) grayscale sunlight viewable 320×240
LCD light level Off and multiple levels of brightness
Environmental Waterproof (IP67: submersible to 1m for 30 mins)
Operating temperature -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to 131°F)
Power supply 10-32 VDC, 3W nominal (Power Save Mode = 210mA @ 12V)
Number of receivers 2 AIS (parallel), 1 DSC (timeshared)
Receive sensitivity -113 dBm (<20% PER)
Number of transmitters 1 AIS
Transmit power output 33 dBm (2 watts)
GPS Built-in 50 channel GPS receiver with SBAS (satellite based augmentation systems such as WAAS & EGNOS), selectable smoothing, internal antenna, TNC for optional external antenna
GPS sensitivity -159dBm tracking & navigation
-142dBm acquisition (cold start)
GPS accuracy Position 2.5m CEP, SBAS 2.0m CEP
External alarm maximum 150 mA (power supply voltage)
VHF antenna required 50 ohm, 156-162MHz, max 2:1 VSWR, PL-259 connector.
Serial data 1 isolated USB port (mini), 1 isolated NMEA input (RS422 4800/38400 baud), 1NMEA output (RS422 4800/38400 baud)
AIS Messages Displays all class A and class B position reports, voyage data, static data, aids to navigation, SAR aircraft, SART, MOB, meteorological/hydrographic and safety messages
Protocols IEC 61162-1, NMEA 0183, NMEA 0183 HS
Standards IEC 62287, IEC 60945, IEC 61108, IEC 61162, ITU-R M.1371, ITU-R M.825, ITU-R M.1084
Approvals BSH, BABT, CE, US Coast Guard, US FCC, Transport Canada, IC

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Weight 42 oz
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 6 in