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26.9-27.4 MHz
ADAP is required for mounting to a ratchet.
See below (mini Adapters).



The GAM SS-27 CB is a Citizens Band antenna with a 54” whip. This antenna is a favorite amongst the amateur radio community and provides its users with reliable and clear communication channels. The compact antenna is suitable for both large and small vessels and is hermetically sealed in a stainless steel canister to ensure life longevity. This American made product is hand wound and factory tuned to ensure peak performance.

  • The GAM SS-27 CB antenna is center tuned to 27 MHz
  • Hand-wound loading coil is factory tuned and tested to insure peak performance at a specified frequency
  • Stainless steel coil housing
  • Coil is hermetically sealed to prevent moisture damage
  • No ground plane required


  • GAM Model No. SS-27 CB antenna
  • Length (Stainless Steel Whip): 54”
  • Number of Sections: 1
  • Connector Supplied: SO-239
  • Application: 27 MHz
  • Fully Assembled Dimensions 57” X 1” X 1”
  • Gain: 3 dB 5.1 dBi
  • Max. Output Power: 150 Watts
  • Note: Cable Sold Separately
  • Use RG 58 for runs less than 20 feet
  • Use RG-8X for runs over 20 feet
  • *Note the SS-27 CB does require a ground reference point*

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 57 × 2 × 2 in

26.9-27.4 MHz

Whip Length



 1.5:1 or less

Gain in DB

 3 dbd, 5.1 dbi

Power Rating

150 Watts