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The Universal Shipborne Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a system of transponders installed on vessels which transmit over two dedicated digital marine VHF channels. An AIS transponder sends AIS signals, making your vessel visible to others with AIS equipment. It also receives AIS signals from AIS equipped vessels, Aids to Navigation and portable man overboard devices.

Nearly all commercial ships are mandated to carry AIS transponders and each year more sail, power and work boats are fitting AIS equipment.The AIS data is sent from each vessel every few seconds and contains position and movement information such as course, speed, latitude, longitude, and heading. Static information about the vessel is sent every few minutes and includes the name, type of vessel, length, beam, draft, etc. By transmitting and receiving AIS signals, your safety is enhanced day and night, when offshore or in busy marine traffic areas or in bad weather when visibility is reduced.


Unlike an ordinary AIS which only sends and receives data, smartAIS from Vesper Marine is an active AIS system with smart alarm logic that proactively alerts you when you have potential collision situations, it plots your anchor position and alerts you if your anchor drags, it continuously watches for a man overboard and triggers an alarm for quick action.

smartAIS puts you in control of every situation, furnishing you with navigation sensor data, GPS and AIS information. Its intelligent alarm management prioritizes alarms for most critical action. Its low power consumption keeps it always on, always visible, always watching. smartAIS transmits all information over WiFi to your PC, or your mobile device for access anywhere on your vessel. Using the WatchMate smartAIS app, you can monitor information and control your vessel navigation, manage alarms and much more, right from your mobile device.